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Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that focuses on the development of the face, teeth and jaws to achieve optimal function and aesthetics.

This often involves a variety of fixed or removable braces to gently guide a patient’s natural teeth into the most desirable position, resulting in a healthy, natural smile.

Straight teeth not only result in a beautiful smile but a healthier one too. Numerous studies have highlighted the value that an attractive smile can bring to individuals’ personal and professional lives. With improved function and easier cleaning it’s also more likely that you’ll maintain healthy teeth for years to come.

Anyone can benefit from orthodontic treatment. And with new technology, leading to reduced treatment times and inconspicuous braces, an ever-increasing number of adults and children are undergoing treatment.

Inman Aligner

We also now off the Inman aligner. The Inman aligner is a removable appliance which works by using two clear bows in front and behind your teeth that are activated by springs, these create a gentle pressure that guides the front teeth into their ideal position. Only a clear plastic bow is visible on the front of your teeth. The treatment lasts around 6-16weeks.

Please visit Inman’s website for further information.

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